Benefits of PEX Water Piping

a. Longer Lasting
Pecora Mechanical work with the very best PEX fresh water piping - a superior alternative to copper piping, and more suited to modern residential water needs. It comes with the peace of mind of a 25 year manufacturer warranty, with an expected life expectancy of more than 100 years.
That means fewer leaks and fewer problems in the years to come. PEX piping does not corrode like metal piping, and is dramatically more versatile.

b. Cleaner Water
The water coming from your faucets will be as clean as when it enters your home with Pecora Mechanical's PEX water line installations. The pipes do a better job of resisting the build up of residue (they have lower friction and can withstand higher water velocity), and because they don't corrode and are non-toxic you can be sure of clean water for years to come. This is why this kind of piping is often now used in the construction of new hospitals.

c. More Efficient
Installing a PEX piping system is more efficient that installing traditional metal piping - important if your construction project is on a tight schedule.

d. Better Protection From Cold Weather
Your water system can be pre-insulated against cold weather - speak to Pecora Mechanical about your options today.

e. Noticeably Less Noise
Water hammer is a shock wave that occurs when a water valve is shut off, often causing audible banging in metal pipes. Because PEX piping is more flexible it can absorb these shock waves better, meaning less noise when you turn your faucets on and off.

So you can see that quality plumbing installation really can make a big difference to your new home. Even though you can't see the pipes, they are the water arteries of your home - and like so many things in life, doing it properly at the beginning can pay big dividends in time, hassle, and money in the years to come.
Combine this with the latest tools and Pecora Mechanical's exclusive testing procedures and you can be sure you made the right choice.